Getting Legacy Care from the Source

June 23, 2016
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Backhaul equipment represents a significant capital expenditure, and as older equipment reaches its limits and can no longer be maintained, the replacement costs for new equipment becomes very prohibitive. In addition to this significant capital expenditure, there is also the associated cost of equipment removal and disposal, engineering, and reinstallation.

One DragonWave solution that helps mitigate some of these financial realities for aging equipment is our Harmony Care offering, developed to help extend network life on legacy microwave products.  In 2012, starting with DragonWave’s acquisition of Nokia Siemens microwave business, we now have full intellectual property and R&D capabilities the entire Nokia legacy installed base.  DragonWave is now the sole owner of this intellectual property, and the only one with a development team capable of supporting this products.  When entering into a Harmony Care contract with DragonWave, you are getting support direct from the product owner without any intermediaries.  DragonWave’s Harmony Care program covers the following legacy products:

  • FlexiPacket Radio
  • Harmony Radio / FlexiPacket MultiRadio
  • Harmony Hub 800 / FlexiPacket Hub800
  • Harmony First Mile 200 / FlexiPacket FirstMile 200
  • FlexiTrunk and SRT1F
  • NetViewer NMS/EMS
  • FlexiHopper

DragonWave’s Harmony Care offering includes warranty coverage for product repair and replacement with turn around times that can be tailored to individual operator SLA requirements. The Harmony Care solution also includes level 2 and 3 24x7 help desk support, providing technical support and product assistance. Level 1 support can also be offered as required on a per country basis with local site visit and local language capabilities. Harmony Care can further extend network life through new software releases, including updated features and bug fixes. As customers require, they can also request and order new features tailored to meet their network evolution requirements.

Harmony Care is purpose-built to extend the legacy microwave network equipment life, and to maximize the operators’ usage of its existing equipment’s capabilities. As certain links require new upgrades, due to network requirements and feature capabilities, DragonWave’s Harmony product line can also be utilized for a cost-effective means to modernize legacy networks. These capabilities include reuse of legacy antennas, cables power injectors and the NetViewer management system.

Through the Harmony Care program, operators not only achieve a near-term goal to maximize the life of their legacy network investment, they also set themselves on a path to efficiently evolve to a high- capacity, next-generation network.