As we deliver products and professional services that exceed market expectations, our focus is strengthening our cliental relationship through superior customer experience and professional support.


Our commitment is coming alongside customers into the future while creating a dynamic and creative organization. Through working closely with our customers and carefully listening to what they need and want, DragonWave concentrates on developing our navigational skills and following early trends in the market. Our belief is setting an example through solutions and experience for others to look to and follow.


Technological evolution is key to our business. Through innovation, our organization is the place to be for customers looking for creative ways to obtain higher capacity from the microwave spectrum. We innovate through our customers’ needs and use prior cases to encourage a forward-looking dialogue. We take pride in our commitments to develop technical leadership.

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DragonWave Business Operations relaunch with Strategic Shift

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Bernard Prkic, Senior Product Manager, DragonWave

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