Site survey service is intended to verify that a particular site is suitable installing and deploying a microwave backhaul endpoint.  The output of the survey would include as a minimum:

  • General suitability for microwave installation including proximity to nearby objects, existing equipment, potential radio interference, and any other objects which may impede the proposed microwave link
  • Collect data to enable civil engineering to supplement construction drawings on mast locations, site modifications and radio/antenna installation locations
  • Confirmation and documentation of conduits, power, grounding, structures, documenting any deficiencies and changes required to enable the site to be ready for microwave installation
  • Photographs of the site, documented with any observations
  • Site survey report packaged and submitted

The site survey service can be scheduled before or after signing the lease, if after, it would be the preconstruction visit. Typically the Line of Sight and Site Survey service would be performed during the same visit to minimize our customer’s “mobilization” costs.