With the greatest demand for broadband services coming from within the core metro markets, DragonWave-X’s point-to-point wireless solutions present an ideal complementary networking option to rapidly extend high speed IP services from locations that are already attached to the service provider’s network. Key fiber extension applications include: network hardening, disaster recovery, legacy TDM services and native Ethernet transport.

Last-Mile Fiber Extension Diagram

Solutions Highlights:

  • Licensed and license-exempt point-to-point wireless from 2.3 GHz to 80 GHz
  • Pay-as-you-grow scalability up to a market leading 4 Gbps
  • 99.999% availability options with 1+1 redundancy and intelligent nodal Ring/Mesh switching
  • Full packet or software-configurable hybrid solutions
  • Ultra-low latency  supporting real-time applications such as voice and video over IP
  • Ability to offer IP and Ethernet services
  • Advanced traffic management with multiple priority levels
  • All outdoor deployment options for simple installation and reduced operating costs