DragonWave-X continues to provide an industry-leading customer experience in offering Harmony Care, a complete package tailored towards the needs of operators today and tomorrow.

Harmony Care is a comprehensive and flexible program that can be customized to suit a variety of specific needs and budgets, focusing on:

  • CAPEX-extension; extending the life and getting the most out of your network investment
  • Minimizing network down-time and exceeding customer SLA’s
  • Relieving the operational load associated with troubleshooting, repair, and hardware replacement
  • Offering peace of mind that technical experts are available 24x7 to assist

Harmony Care Components

Product Coverage

Harmony Care is a value-added service intended to support deployments of current and legacy product lines.  DragonWave-X’s technical experts and repair resources are available to cover networks consisting of:

  • FlexiPacket Radio
  • Harmony Radio / FlexiPacket MultiRadio
  • Harmony Hub 800 / FlexiPacket Hub800
  • Harmony First Mile 200 / FlexiPacket FirstMile 200
  • FlexiTrunk and SRT1F
  • NetViewer NMS/EMS
  • Horizon Compact / Horizon Compact+
  • Horizon Duo
  • Horizon Quantum

DragonWave-X is pleased to discuss other product lines and offerings that may be of interest in order to provide a one-stop services solution.  Please contact your DragonWave-X sales representative to discuss in more detail.