Long-haul microwave trunking solution

The Harmony Trunk is a hybrid microwave solution with the capability to smoothly migrate from full-TDM, to Hybrid, to full-IP via a simple software configuration.  Operators can transport TDM and IP signals natively over the air without any encapsulation or mapping.  The Harmony trunk’s outage-less expansion and upgrade process ensure a rapid and simple installation and fast network roll-out.  With its advanced features and performance, the Harmony Trunk can significantly enhance existing copper and fibre optic core transport systems.

Solution Highlights:

  • Smooth migration from legacy SDH to SDH/IP to full-IP via software-configuration
  • Best in class density (16 channels in one ETSI rack)
  • Double terminal single-rack (up to 8xWG node in a rack)
  • Full digital self-commissioning
  • Flexible modulation from 4QAM to 512QAM with LDPC coding
  • Upgradable to XPIC and asynchronous operation
  • High power up to +35dBm
  • ATPC and RTPC/MTPC 20dB range
  • Diversity available: FD, RX SD, TX+RX SD, Hybrid SD
  • 2x(1+1) HSBY co-channel supported in the same rack
  • Multi-baseband interface: STM-1 electrical, STM-1 optical , STM-4 and Gigabit Ethernet can co-exist in the same terminal
  • Gigabit Ethernet interface supported with NxRFcarriers mapping and adaptive load balancing
  • Fully outdoor version available up to 7+1 / 8+0 for site cost optimization